being an accompanist is hard on the nerves. people are relying on you. and i don’t think i realized until my first senior recital that musicians make mistakes….or skip entire sections of songs. i was pretty good at jumping with people and making things sound seamless…covering up others’ mistakes.

it is also very hard to be a freshman in college and filling big shoes. mr. mitchell’s ex-wife had been the tower accompanist. there might have been one other person in between us. our first performance was at the christian church. we were doing this endless fast bach piece and a couple others. we started the bach, and somewhere about the fifth page i apparently had forgotten to keep breathing due to nerves, and started to black out…in fact i did. my vision went, my body went numb. i could hear everything around me (very different from passing out where you don’t) but i couldn’t see or control my body. i fell into the piano and two guys from the bass section came over and sat me upright as i started to regain my sight. mr. mitchell didn’t even notice. the rest of the service went well. one more thing to worry about and keep reminding myself that i would have to breathe on a regular basis.

was trying to think of recitals i played in college or for nw students. all are senior voice recitals unless noted. this is very incomplete:

karen troh-graduate
kandy kunzman (hester)
don davis
sheryl warren
kara shay thomson (weston)-junior and senior
amy demlow (boyce)
susan holden (riffle)
michelle lewis (hatcher)-flute
libby whittle
tracy ward
sarah thomas
charles hossle
alyssa harvey (walker)
melissa cummins-flute
julie wood (bookless)-flute
matt bonsignore-trumpet
agnis retenais-saxophone
nathan simmons-saxophone
troy cronkite-baritone/euphonium
jeff bishop-saxophone
valonda burke (larsen)-flute
courtney duncan
sara dexheimer
april wells (newquist)-flute
darcy maret (mikelson)-sax
andrea boyd-flute

i know i’ve left out many….maybe someday i’ll sift through the programs in storage and post some more.


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