nomadic life

explaining how i live now isn’t easy.  most people don’t understand, which is hard as most people don’t know the whole story, nor will they probably.  today was a good example.  i had to get a new doctor to get my prescription refilled.  my health plan lists 7 doctors in the area i can choose from.  my first choice turns out not to prescribe real medicine, only supplements.  4 of the others don’t sound like english is their first language (not that that should matter, but in the past is has been an issue having a language barrier).  the two left are father/son and greek.  one is 92 the other 50.  of course the 50 year old has no availability until the middle of november so on the recommendation of his 76 year old wife (he has a bad back, his brain is fine) i schedule an appointment with the 92 year old.

45 minutes after my appointment time i get called in by the nurse.  weight (i empty my pockets–so clothes and shoes–why don’t they ask you to remove shoes????) is 115.  blood pressure 128/79.  she takes my history or really verifies what i already wrote down the day before (you fill out forms before they give you an appointment).  all my previous care has been in harlem.  so where do you live?  technically here in south daytona.

then i get to re-explain in greater detail to my doctor.  he waddles in all hunched over.  shakes my hand.  asks me same questions she has and more….most of answers are on the sheet in front of him, but he writes additional comments.  my two ear surgeries, my fibroid tumor removal…etc.  when he first came in he looks at my chart for 30 seconds or so and looks up and says, “45, you are 45?  you don’t look 45.”  i said, “you don’t look 92, and your wife doesn’t look 76”—(he is staring) “i met her yesterday…and thank you.”  he questions where i live and what i do.  i tell him about my upcoming tour…and the reason why i need a 3 month prescription.   he says it doesn’t sound like a very fun job.  and then has me hop up on the bed to begin.  looks in my right ear and comments on scarring on eardrum.  i remind him of surgery.  moves to left ear and my right ear feels funny.  the end of the scope was still stuck in my right ear…but he said the left looked good.  when he turned his back to me i took the scope end out of my ear.  rest of the time was pretty normal.  apparently whatever he was listening to in my legs/ankles (i assume blood flow) was good, and he was impressed enough that i don’t have to have labs drawn until december/january, got a 3 month scrip, and a 3 month renewal.

he did spend about 25 minutes with me.  so i guess all in all it was a good visit.  as long as nothing is wrong with me.  i think if i were a doctor i would push for labs….better safe than sorry, and frankly, if i weren’t pressed for time i would offer to just have them done now.

i wish the process were easier.  i can’t believe in this age of technology (my blood pressure was taken with a high end cuff like you buy at walmart, not the big machine i am used to) that you can’t just type in a person’s ssn and get their lifetime medical history.  how hard would it be to have that database?  and that we can’t just schedule to have a full body scan and labs every year.  no, it is all individual, and certain tests only if we think something is amiss.  oh well.  good to go until january.  hope my doctor is still alive at that point.


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